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The poster for “Bissat.” (publicity photo)

Dr. Kiyana Verma (Sandeepa Dhar) is a psychiatrist with a “kink”— she gets into extra-personal zone with her patients, to the point of getting involved in their personal lives. Her husband Dr. Abhijit (Omkar Kapoor) also works in the same hospital. Their marriage is non-functional, as they even sleep in separate rooms and have minimum communication between them — they have drifted apart.

Dr. Kiyana is now perturbed by her patient Mrs. Kapoor (Leena Jumani), wife of the tycoon Yash Kapoor (Khalid Siddiqui), who, she tells her, is a terrible man who beats her and could kill her. Kiyana meets Yash at a party and decides to dig out more. With that intention, she befriends Yash and finally gets invited to a private dinner at his beach house.

Kiyana tells her counsel friend and confidante, Saba Salim (Coral Bhamra) to call Yash at a pre-determined time while at dinner and inform him that Kiyana is out to dig out his truth and that enrages him. He attacks Kiyana and the next thing she knows is regaining consciousness at the house and finding Yash’s dead body next to her!

After this, there is endless trouble, and Abhijit, who comes to know about her situation, even reconciles his differences with her. But the cops, led by the cynical misogynist and chauvinistic inspector Shriram Joshi (Trishaan Maini) is after her, though his deputy, sub-inspector Supriya Salve (Tanvi Thakkar) isn’t so sure about Kiyana’s guilt.

And then there are twists and turns till the very end when finally, Kiyana comes to know that the woman she knew as Mrs. Kapoor is not her, and that the real Mrs. Radhika Yash Kapoor (Jia Mustafa) is a different woman. Her agenda now is to find out who the false Mrs. Kapoor was, and what was her agenda. Playing a suspicious role in this whole saga is Dr. Alisha Malhotra (Ashmita Bakshi), who is making romantic overtures to Abhijit but also seems to be conspiring against him. Then there is a mysterious and bearded man (Hemang Vyas), who seems to be watching Kiyana everywhere.

The Vikram Bhatt written and directed series is characteristic of the filmmaker, and basically, though predictable after a point, is better than most of his series and movies in the way it unfolds. However, Bhatt classically lets in simple clashes with logic — the doctor couple stays alone in a huge bungalow whose lights are always on at night, whether they are sleeping or entering home from outside, and there is not a single domestic in sight! Bhatt is so carried away by his plot that these key details seem unimportant and superfluous!

The same goes for Yash Kapoor’s invite to Kiyana at his beach house, where though he has called her for dinner, there is no cook or servant who serves the food. There are other minor clashes with logic as well, expected in a Bhatt story. It’s all about gloss, glamour and even erotica — subtle in this case. And Kiyana’s outfit is at odds with her professional sobriety as a shrink. At the best of times, she seems set to attend a glam party rather than a clinic!

The technical values are upbeat and so is the background score (I searched the credits in vain). Sandeepa Dhar is sincere, and Omkar Kapoor likable. Coral Bhamra and Khalid Siddiqui make great impressions and the rest of the cast is good.

One wishes that “Bisaat” (which means a checker board) was better conceived and executed with attention to detailing.

Rating: *** (Just About)

MX Player presents Loneranger Productions’ “Bisaat”

Produced by: Krishna Bhatt & Amar P. Thakkar

Directed & written by: Vikram Bhatt

Starring: Sandeepa Dhar, Omkar Kapoor, Jia Mustafa, Khalid Siddiqui, Tanvi Thakkar, Vishal Dave, Vyas Hemang,  Ashmita Kaur Bakshi, Coral Bhamra, Leena Jumani, Trishaan Singh Maini, Saaurabh Gandhi, Arya Bhushan Chaurasiya, Amarjit Singh & others

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