Dil Dolaa Rey Review

The intended pun of the film “Dil Dolaa Rey” (My mind swayed) is in the title which should be read as “Dildo Laa Rey (Get me a dildo).” (photo provided)

First Step Entertainment Capital’s “Dil Dolaa Rey”

Produced by: Imran Furniturewala & Swati Semwal

Written and directed by: Swati Semwal

Starring: Aanchal Sharma, Priyanka Arya, Manjiri Pupala & others

MUMBAI— Zara (Aanchal Sharma) and Shubina (Priyanka Arya) come from a traditional Muslim family and Zara is a bride-to-be. Shubina watches a porn video and discusses what is for them a taboo topic of sex and therefore sex toys with her and their mutual friend Rashi. Rashi (Manjiri Pupala) guides them into buying a sex toy online and against her judgment, Zara agrees, accepting the truth that she will soon be consummating her marriage.

The film ends with Rashi’s address given to the delivery man and what happens when the parcel is delivered to her home. Zara disclaims it, so does Rashi and Shubina initially disclaims it too. The delivery man wants his cash on delivery, and Rashi’s grandma has received the parcel and is suspicious about it, and the money (Rs. 7000!) demanded as cash on delivery. What happens next?

Enlivened by peppy acting by Priyanka, it has Aanchal correctly staid yet secretly craving to tread forbidden waters. The supporting artistes do the needful. Semwal’s direction is neat, but her script, was with almost all films exploring taboo topics, goes Pfft! in the open end, which is inconclusive and timid rather than bold, revolutionary and progressive. And we do not really fathom the reason why the protagonist sisters are Muslims. What is the message? For the story can be true of any Indian.

Full marks to Semwal’s lifelike dialogues, especially in the climax (pun unintended). The intended pun is in the title “Dil Dolaa Rey” (My mind swayed) which should be read as “Dildo Laa Rey (Get me a dildo)” and that is the boldest thing in the 20 minutes plus, this is fairly amusing but nothing great.

Rating: 2.5/5

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