Uncle On The Rocks Review

A sweet and poignant comedy, the film “Uncle On The Rocks” shows Raza Murad in a new light as a 60-year-old looking for love. (photo provided)

Filmy Fiction presents “Uncle On The Rocks”

Produced, concept and dialogues by: Prasun Jindal

Written and directed by: Vedd V. Rawtaani

Starring: Raza Murad, Mona Matthews, Rohan Khurana, Vedd V. Rawtaani and others

MUMBAI— An elderly man (Raza Murad) who wants to fall in love once before dying, bribes his nephew (Rohan Khurana) to make his profile on the dating site Tinder. He soon finds a match in the bold and winsome lady (Mona Matthews) who eggs him on with suggestive expressions and words. When things seem to be going satisfactorily, there is a change: she gets a job abroad, where she will get to stay with her grown-up daughter. Selflessly, uncle wishes her the best, and they promise to keep in touch. But does that happen? How does their relationship progress?

A sweet and poignant comedy, the film shows Raza Murad in a new light as a 60-year-old looking for love. However, many of us may not really digest the actor in such a cute role, and he too seems a tad uncomfortable at times. Mona Matthews is charming, and Rohan Khurana, a lively nephew who turns his uncle’s teacher of sorts. Rawtaani’s script and direction are efficient and to the point.

This one is worth a watch for its sheer simplicity and sweetness.

Rating: 3/5

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