mrs serial killer

Jacqueline Fernandez stars in the addle-pated thriller “Mrs. Serial Killer.” (photo provided)

Now I can understand. All this while, whenever Jacqueline Fernandez was raving about and talking about this film as a highlight to come, she would never speak about who was making this one. It is Shirish Kunder of “Joker” fame!

But then, why is she doing films like this one and “Drive?” That film was also on Netflix and I wanted to review it. So I watched it until I could—all of 10 minutes!

And it is compared to that atrocity that this one seemed bearable despite the loony proceedings because I thought this crime thriller would come up good in the end, especially since Kunder has to prove himself.

And now, the addle-pated story: Dr. Mrityunjoy (Manoj Bajpayee) is going out of town for a conference with colleagues. His wife Shona (Jacqueline Fernandez) informs him on Skype that she is “with someone at home” now that he is away (he is at the airport). And that’s her baby, as she has done her pregnancy test somewhere (not from her husband’s clinic) and it is positive. Doc is thrilled!

Next thing you know, her ex (Mohit Raina), a cop, comes home the same night and picks up things about her husband, like strands of hair, if you please. And then comes the shocker.  In Doc’s derelict property in the small hill-station where the story unfolds, six girls are found buried underground, all pregnant youngsters who were missing. Doc is arrested.

Convinced of his innocence, Shona hires his patient Rastogi, a counsel who is bedridden from a heart ailment (Darshan Jariwala) to prove his innocence after Doc is refused bail on the cop’s evidence. She tells him that her ex has framed him, and Rastogi says that the only way they can get bail is if another girl is similarly murdered whwn Doxc is already in. Shona then goes to yet another maternity hospital, steals records and dials up potential “victims” and latches on to a neighbor (Zayn Marie Khan), who is a Taekwondo ace, and has been ditched by her boyfriend.

The “murder’ happens, Doc is out, and from there on, the film, already nutty, becomes a sack of spoiled nuts that gets much more laughable and unbearable than Kunder’s farcical disaster “Joker” about a decade back.

Here are some examples of some of madness: Doc is stabbed in the back around the heart region but lives, the underground operation theater’s lighting and structure are to be seen to be believed, the chase sequence of Shona with her victim is ridiculous to the extreme and last but not least (of many glitches and crappy sequences) is that the villagers seem to take the law in its own hands at will: they beat the doctor for being a monster when they think he has dismembered (yes!) the girls and pulverize the cop for framing Doc when the latter is out on bail. And the climax and post-climax are not just retarded but also insane.

The sets look as if most of the film’s budgets were splurged on making them as absurdly lavish as can be. Ravi K. Chandran and Kiran Deohans share the cinematography honors for the eye-catching outdoors, but neither them nor anything else or anyone can save this film. Yes, Darshan Jarivala does prop up some scenes, but then we are left stymied about why he even accepted such a role. Bajpayee, yet again in ham mode, loves weird characters and we understand that he is also getting paid to act in another rotten movie so he will love the role, but we never knew that Jacqueline Fernandez, who seems to have suddenly forgotten how to act, was so desperate.

Rating: *1/2

Produced by: Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder

Music, written and directed by: Shirish Kunder

Starring: Manoj Bajpayee, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mohit Raina, Darshan Zariwala, Zayn Marie Khan, Chanda Joshi and others

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