Kunaal Roy Kapur

Kunaal Roy Kapur and Sanjay Dutt’s niece in a still from their film, “Mushkil - Fear Behind You.” (YouTube screenshot photo)

MUMBAI—Kunaal Roy Kapur, known for “Delhi Belly,” “Nautanki Saala!” and “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,” is now turning a romantic hero with Rajiv S Ruia’s “Mushkil - Fear Behind You,” produced by Ravinder Jeet Dariya.

Sanjay Dutt’s niece, Nazia Hussain, is the heroine, and a song released recently has been shot in the lush locales of Greece. Ruia, who was unsure whether Kapoor would consent to a romantic number, actually had the song written in a poetic way and had composer Vardan Singh set the duet to tune. The lyrics are by Anjaan Sagri.

“It was not an easy task for Nazia. While I was in a suit, she had to shoot in extreme cold in glamorous outfits,” said Kapur. “Her teeth were chattering when I was acting my romantic best. Between takes, the unit rushed to cover her with rugs.”

Check out the romantic song, and you will know what ails music today. The mystery of what is wrong with film music today almost has a denouement. For one, the male playback voice is thin yet gruff and sings at a high pitch – a current miasma that has deeply affected the ear-friendly, melodic and durable quotient of any song.

This time, the lyrics make sense and have a decided graph, but the music tries to follow a trend rather than do justice to the sentiments expressed. Though the meaning is good, there are concessions in the words to today’s limited Urdu lexicon. The female singer comes in midway but has nothing to show her special quality or worth. One more point: the overdose of what Kapoor calls “glamour” (or abbreviated outfits for the heroine) detract from the soulful sentiments expressed in the song by making it unwarrantedly physical!

And last but not the least: the senseless alternation of lip-synch and background vocals (often in the same sentence!) shows the lazy lack of creativity and imagination rampant in film music and filmmakers today. It looks moronic and idiotic if you notice this, and gives a shocking insight into the paucity of talent today to integrate a song into a movie to boost its content as well as appeal!

This is the reason why there have been less than 20 original songs of any worth since 2018 began! Blind pandering to trends, sounds and stereotypical lingo makes the job easy, and a hook does the rest. And no one bothers if there is – or not! – a link between the words and the visuals or the sentiments. The naturally lower octaves of a male voice are artificially, unnaturally raised to a shriek, come joy or sorrow, while the female side is dominated and reduced, severely curtailing the esthetic appeal of a song.

And because of all this, even a decent song like this slips out of memory the moment it is over! There is nothing finally to take home in our heart, mind and soul!

Watch the song here.

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