MUMBAI — Making the best of the lockdown situation, Namit Das has now ventured into writing, singing, acting and composing music for The Zoom Studios’ (Times Group) short film “Tape,” which dropped Sept. 16. The film marks the actor’s debut as screenwriter.

Das has penned the movie with his wife, actor-writer Shruti Vyas and Abhimanyu Kanodia. “Tape” tells the story of a couple, Shivani and Harsh, whose relationship has suffered because the city they reside in has consumed them; not to mention the lockdown taking its toll on the couple while they search for the song they created together.

Das is Harsh, a composer who creates ad jingles for a living. The actor remarks that working on varied artistic fronts, such as music, writing, singing and acting for a single project gave him a sense of creative control that he had never experienced before. Most of the short film has been shot in the confines of his home in Mumbai.

Das says, “This is a love story that is themed on finding your song. People come to the city with hope and aspiration and, after a while, the city eats away at their life and personality. I had fun being involved in the creative process of making a film and I understand now the rush of powering independent cinema. The highlights for me were having Shruti as my reel spouse and writing this film with her and director-writer Abhimanyu Kanodia over Zoom calls.”

Produced by The Zoom Studios (Times Group) for the series “Flick,” and directed by Abhimanyu Kanodia, “Tape” is now available for online viewers. 

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