Boo-Sabki Phategi

Saba Saudagar performed her own stunts in ALTBalaji’s new show “Booo-Sabki Phategi.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“When I was told by my director Farhad Samji-sir that I have to climb up a pillar and come down crawling, I thought he was kidding with me as always, so I just said ‘Okay!’ and laughed it off. This until they actually harnessed me they next day and made me do it for real!” revealed Saba Saudagar, who performed her own stunts in ALTBalaji’s new show “Booo-Sabki Phategi.”

To her surprise, Saba completed the stunt and received a standing ovation from the entire unit. “I wouldn’t say it was easy. In fact, the stunt became all the more difficult because I was wearing lenses for my zombie look, which is why my vision had gone blurred, but Farhad-sir and Sanjay Mishra-sir encouraged and motivated me to go ahead, so finally I was done in my third take. After that, Tusshar asked me how I felt, and my answer was, ‘I felt liberated.’ Farhad-sir personally thanked me and called me brave to complete a stunt that is only done by professionals.”

Streaming since June 27, “Booo…Sabki Phategi” is the web’s first horror comedy series, and also stars Tusshar, Mallika Sherawat, Krushna Abhishek, Kiku Sharda and others.

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