New York — Superstar Salman Khan, whose movies have repeatedly grossed over Rs. 100 crore, says there is no formula for making super-hit and money-minting movies and that filmmakers should focus on content.

"When people talk about numbers, they are very generous and say this movie will cross Rs. 300 crore, Rs. 400 crore and even Rs. 500 crore. But then the films are big disasters," Khan said while talking to reporters here through a video link from India.

The 48-year old superstar, who was accompanied by his “Kick” co-star Jacqueline Fernandez and author Chetan Bhagat, said till the time a movie is released and reaches the audiences, "There is no guarantee of any movie being a super-duper hit or a flop.”

"There is no formula. The best of the directors have failed miserably — the best producers, actors who have given hit after hit and feel that (their movie) is going to be the biggest film — but those films have not done well," he said.

The “Dabangg” star feels the success of a film depends on the first-day reaction of the audience. "That is it. No amount of us promoting the movie (can make the movie a hit)," he said.

Khan said filmmakers cannot predict whether a movie will touch Rs. 300 crore or Rs. 400 crore.

"It does not make any sense to me at all. How can you predict the number of people who will go and watch the film," he said, adding, "We all want make to make a ‘Sholay’ or a ‘Mughal-E-Azam.’"

When asked if filmmakers should also focus on content of movies instead of targeting 100 crore-plus revenues, Khan agreed, saying, "Till the time you do not concentrate on content, you cannot achieve those numbers."

Khan, among the top stars of the Hindi film industry, said having worked for so many years, he still gets excited while giving the first shot for a film.

"When you are there for the first shot, you are excited; you want to do that first shot; you wait for the film to get over and the film to release. You wait to see the reaction that the fans give you. You try your best for the appreciation from your fans and this is the only thing that I look forward to," he said.

The actor described his whole life as a "holiday" and said he has been "lucky" since his profession is his hobby.

"The day you change your profession into your hobby or your hobby becomes your profession, you will have the best time of your life. What I have learned in this whole journey is that till the time you do not like what you are doing, you are not ready for the next morning," he said.

Khan recalled that there was an eight to 10-year phase in his life when it did not matter what he did professionally.

"Recently, I have started loving what I do. I used to like it earlier. Now I try and enjoy every single second of my time on the sets. I might seem pompous or arrogant sometimes, but I am just having fun. No matter how irritable or tired I feel, when I am giving a shot, I forget everything and enjoy it,” he said.

The star said even though he is almost touching 50 and is "almost as old as a senior citizen," he does not feel older than 27.

"I am having a great time and I am not going to stop here. I am not going to let that old man enter my body," he said.

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