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Jackie Shroff in “OK Computer.” (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — “OK Computer,” which could have been a riveting drama (it is planned as a comedy as well) wastes the opportunity and ends up a supreme mess. It is a shame that the British band Radiohead’s best-ever album — of the same name — will forever give way on the Internet to this bit of schlock.

The setting is Goa 2031, and a car, self-driven, has killed a man. The investigator is a hot-headed cop (Vijay Verma), who has to deal with an activist for robots (Radhika Apte) and others. Moreover, the car’s programming codes have been hacked and someone has used it for murder.

Amid all the technical gobbledygook (which is in a surfeit!) we have robots, technical hieroglyphics and other excesses, a missing hacker named CNX and other things that are dangerous if you wish to retain your sanity.

Jackie Shroff’s character, who likes to be naked, says that the biggest cancer mankind faces is technology. Looking at the contents here, we can’t but agree. Moreover, a Goa with skyscrapers and holograms is not your idea of today’s beloved holiday destination.

The writers and directors take extra pride in being too esoteric and after “1962…,” which I could not watch beyond two episodes, this is a second consecutive downer for Hotstar. Anand Gandhi also lives up to his reputation but cascades to a terrible low.

And Jackie Shroff, though sincere, could have skipped this one. And the entertainment-edutainment seeking viewer should also stay away from this royal mess of a social, “comic” thriller that I struggled to watch 3 of the 6 episodes.

You don’t have to eat the whole egg to know it’s bad, right?

Rating: ½*

Created and directed by: Pooja Shetty & Neil Pagedar

Produced and written by: Anand Gandhi, Pooja Shetty & Neil Pagedar

Starring: Vinay Verma, Radhika Apte, Kani Kusruti, Vibha Chibber, Jackie Shroff & others

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