One Day Review

“One Day” is not only an over-scripted film but also shoddily directed. (photo provided)

D Neev Films, Netrix Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Cinema Friday International present “One Day”

Produced by: Ketan Patel, Kamlesh Singh Kushwaha & Swati Singh

Directed by: Ashok Nanda

Written by: Alaukik Rahi

Music: Vikrant-Parijat, Joy-Anjan & Rishi Singh

Starring: Anupam Kher, Esha Gupta, Kumud Mishra, Murali Sharma, Zakir Hussain, Rajesh Sharma. Parikshat Sahni, Ehsaan Khan, Deepshika Nagpal, Zarina Wahab, Alok Pandey, Nilofer Gesawat, Mohaq Kansara, Anusmriti Sarkar, Ananth Mahadevan, Manoj Mishra, Joshi Kashyap Barbhaya & others

When we have a decent, but dated (this belonged to the 1980s and early 1990s!) premise, it is up to the screenwriter and the director to make (fresh) sense out of it in the contemporary milieu. Also, vigilante dramas have come croppers in Hindi cinema of these times (“Ungli,” “Bhavesh Joshi Superhero” et al.) and only one such film has managed to connect with our hearts – “Gabbar Is Back.”

This film is a kind of combination of a vigilante drama with a premise of the revenge films of the earlier span mentioned. A clear inspiration is also there from Hollywood dramas, including the famous story of “Judge Colt” that also became a comic book.

However, not only is the film over-scripted (!!!) but also shoddily directed. Needless shots and lines, lack of explanations for so many things (please, Mr. Nanda, you are not in David Dhawan-Anees Bazmee land!) and silly spoken lines where none were needed are the order of the day. Cliche runs riot, and there is even a horrendous song in a club done in R.D.Bureman style! All the banalities and loose ends enhance manifold the feel of a retro film that is outdated as well.

The film begins with a honest judge named Tyagi (Kher) retiring and simultaneous prep for his daughter’s marriage and celebrations. At the celebration come a doctor-couple (Murali Sharma and Deepshika Nagpal), a rich businessman and hotelier (Rajesh Sharma) and the omnipresent cop and friend of Tygai (Kumud Mishra) among other guests.

The next day, the doctor couple is found missing. Tyagi allows the cops to watch the CCTV footage that yields nothing. Soon, Tyagi is also shown “kidnapping” the hotelier friend, who thus goes missing too. The freaked-out cops bring in a firebrand girl cop (Esha Gupta) to get to the bottom of the case. But more people, now of humbler origins, disappear.

So what is Tyagi’s game? What is the role of the town (Ranchi)’s seemingly-solo politician Rawat (Zakir Hussain)? What kind of “justice” is Tyagi delivering, and why? Will the cop crack the case?

An involved tale of a bomb blast, a bomb blast victim, MMS and a honeymoon gone wrong, medical malpractice and injustice, the trouble is that it could have been better handled. The torture sequences are unbearable and absurd in the way they are handled, and how does Kher manage all the gadgets and whatever else?

So by the time the two final (and interesting) twists in the tale come, our patience has worn totally thin! And the claim that this story is based on real incidents also, to state a paradox, seems false!

The writing, as we said, is the main culprit. Correction, it is the gentleman who accepted such writing who is the chief perpetrator! Technically average, the film has atrocious songs (again!) and shockingly amateurish background music (Sanjoy Chowdhury & Rishi Singh).

Anupam Kher seems to be sleepwalking through an erratic character, seemingly realizing what he has gone in for – but why did he take this stuff up, we wonder? Esha Gupta’s character alternates wildly between normal Hindi and accents that a ridiculous mix of Haryanvi and Rajasthani. But she is sincere in what she does. Kumud Mishra is lovable again. Who makes a mark among the rest? No one, not even Zarina Wahab, cast in a very stereotyped Muslim woman’s role.

Watch this only if you are a die-hard fan of one or more of the three protagonists. Otherwise, this is not the day when justice will be delivered to you as audience.

Rating: **

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