paras nath

Paras Nath is on a mission to spread the joy of the flute. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI — Flautist-singer-composer Paras Nath is launching Vaikunthvenu, a platform to teach the flute.

Paras will soon launch the platform digitally as a way to commemorate the memory of his grandfather Shiv Nath Prasad, who was a shehnai and flute player.

"It is my humble effort to create a channel and through it, preserve and promote the Banaras Gharana. It's our humble tribute to generations of legendary shahnai players and flautists who have left a treasure for us to learn," said Paras.

On July 12, there will be a virtual show. Artistes like Amar Nath, Shankar brothers, Ashwin Srinivasan and Naveen Kumar will be joining the live gig.

Paras describes "Vaikunth" as the abode of Lord Krishna, and when he plays the flute, it encompasses all the three "loka" through sound waves called "Venu.”

"I had an invaluable opportunity to learn and live the finer nuances of Indian classical music under the most able guidance of my Guru, my grandfather late pandit Shiv Nath Prasadji, and my father Pandit Amar Nathji now. I want to take our legacy forward by sharing the unique knowledge and the art of the divine instrument (Bansuri)," he said.

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