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Akshay Kumar with his late mother with his late mother Aruna Bhatia. (Instagram photo)

MUMBAI — Akshay Kumar has shared a beautifully-worded letter sent to him by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, offering condolences after his mother Aruna Bhatia’s demise. Before writing the letter, the PM had also called Kumar.

The letter begins with Modi telling the actor that: “It was best if I did not have to write such a letter. In an ideal world, such a time should have never come.”

Going on to extol Akshay Kumar’s achievements, he wrote about the actor’s hard work and determination due to which he achieved so much name and fame. He talks about the right values and moral strength in his journey that turned adversities into achievements and how those must have all taught to him by his parents.

He adds that his mother must have been there solidly behind him through his successes and failures and ensured that he remained kind, compassionate and humble.

“She also instilled a spirit of service in you, seen repeatedly through your philanthropic initiatives and eagerness to give back to society.” What is heartening, he says, is his mother getting to see, in her lifetime, the new heights of success and stardom that her son reached. “She left the world knowing fully well that her beloved son is one of India’s most admired and versatile actors,” says Modi.

It is a lovely note indeed, without a single word out-of-place or superfluous.  And the actor is right in saying, “These comforting words will stay with me forever.”

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