MUMBAI—Rabbani Mustafa Khan has been always interested in music, and used to sit with his legendary father, Padma Vibhushan Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, to learn the nuances of music. He says, “Music has naturally come to me by God’s grace, being born and brought up in a family of musicians. I belong to the renowned and illustrious school of music known as the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana, which owes its allegiance to Mian Tansen.”

Rabbani’s song “Peer Meri Piya Jaane Na,” which has just released from the film “Mera Fauji Calling,” is getting him great reviews. It is a romantic track and based on the celebration of the beloved coming back home. In this film, it is also about the pain that a soldier’s wife goes through, being away from the beloved. And she celebrates when he comes back home.

“It’s an emotional moment for me,” says Rabbani. “My father always wanted me to sing and I took it up a little late, but now definitely you will see me sing more often. There are days when I can’t control my tears as he has passed away recently. His legacy is a blessing that I will live up to, and I have tried to do my best with this song.”

For Rabbani, it was a great experience to know that such a beautiful subject is being woven for a film about the ups and downs that the family of a soldier has to go through. “So, while singing, the romance and the pain both had to be kept in mind and I tried to do my best with this song.”

Rabbani Mustafa Khan has sung songs like “Aao Ni Saiyyon,” “Naina,” “Allahu” from the film “Sarbjit” and has also had the chance to share the stage with his legendary father and brothers and nephew for songs like “Aao Balma” and “Soz o Salaam” alongside A R Rahman for Coke Studio at MTV. He has been performing all over the globe along with his father and also solo.

Among a few new projects, one of his father’s ghazals, “Bohat Bechaiin Hai Dil" is to be released next.

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