Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte has recently learned deep-sea diving, and she is in love with it. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Here is Radhika Apte speaking on her recently discovered love for deep-sea diving, overcoming her fears and the rush of being dropped into the middle of the ocean.

Apte believes that learning is an ongoing process, and learning new skills helps in developing as a person. The actress has recently learned deep-sea diving, and she is in love with it.

The actress started her diving journey last year when one of her director friends introduced the activity to her. Within a night, Radhika decided that this is something she would want to attempt. Her first dive was at the Maldives, and Apte said, “My first dive was at a depth of 60 meters, and as I made my descent, I grew profoundly conscious of the sheer expanse of the sea. Then, as I swam past exotic, aquatic creatures, it felt meditative. Taking in all of this can be a humbling experience, and you realize your insignificant presence in this universe.”

She went on, “The experience of observing marine life and corals at such close quarters is a sensory experience like no other. I was bitten by the diving bug, and have since hunted for opportunities to explore marine life at other popular diving spots around the world. I’ve dived also into the Dead Sea and in Egypt. From being mesmerized by the tiniest of creatures in their natural habitat to swimming with sharks, sea-lions, and dolphins, my underwater adventures have been educational and euphoric on equal parts!”

The underwater diving experience is very soothing, points out Apte. “The first thing that occurs to you as you descend is how surreal is the experience. Time slows down, and you swift your focus to negotiating changing currents and temperatures.”

As these activities are risk- and mishap-prone and Apte had her share of them. Recollecting one, the actress shares, “The most memorable scare was when we were caught in a down current – this is a situation where one feels that one is swimming upwards, but is being actually being pushed downwards by the current. Since I was with seasoned professionals, I was able to get through it without any injuries. With proper training and adhering to the fundamentals, diving is, after all, a fairly safe recreational spot. The greatest takeaway has been that fear only exists in our thoughts. It’s a product of one’s imagination and, more often than not, not real at all.”

On the work front, Apte has dived also into the Hollywood project “Liberté” and also a film titled “Raat Akeli Hai.”

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