Radhika Apte will be seen playing the role of an undercover agent in upcoming film "Mrs.Undercover.” (photo via IANS)

MUMBAI — Radhika Apte will be seen playing the role of an undercover agent in upcoming film "Mrs.Undercover.”

The film marks directorial debut of writer Anushree Mehta.

The poster indicates the interesting dichotomous combination of an Indian housewife holding a gun.

Talking about the film, Radhika says: "Anushree came to me with this film some time back and the novelty of the story had me excited. When I saw this first look, it was that same excitement I felt and it was not only as someone who is a part of the film but also as a member of the audience. I think we all wanted to show the essence of the film through this first poster and I must say that we have captured it well. Now, I am waiting to see what the audience has to say about this special film of ours."

The film also stars actor Sumeet Vyas alongside Radhika.

Mehta is happy to direct the film for the first time with Radhika taking the lead as the character.

"It is surreal to take this initial step and share the first look of our film with the world. We believe in giving quality content to the viewers and have tried very hard to achieve that with 'Mrs. Undercover.’ The title, the poster, the imagery is a long-thought process to make people excited. I am so glad that I found an actor like Radhika Apte to play the titular character," she says.

"Mrs. Undercover" is produced by Ishan Saksena, Abir Sengupta, Sunil Shah, and Varun Bajaj.

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