Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol’s “Ghayal Once Again,” the sequel to 1990 film “Ghayal,” has been plagued by delays. (IANS photo)

Mumbai — Sunny Deol has bargained, like most normal people would, on the weather matching his name this season. But the unexpected torrential rains and lashing winds have led to severe losses for him as the sets he had erected at both Kamalistan Studios and Madh Island were damaged. They were both for his film “Ghayal Once Again,” the sequel that has the longest gap from the original (of over 25 years!). The current record-holder is “Aashiqui 2” (2013), which came 23 years after the original, which like “Ghayal” had also released in 1990.

The losses are expected to run into crores. Dan Bradley, the internationally famed action director and nearly 300 of his crew members watched helplessly as the weather wreaked havoc. Shooting was planned to kick off from Mar. 8, but will obviously have to be postponed due to this “act of God.”

A shoot in South Mumbai, planned for Mar. 1, was also canceled because of the overcast skies and occasional rain. Permission for outside shoots is only granted in that precinct on Sundays and the schedule needed 100 cars that had been already hired.

This is the latest jinx on a film that is being planned for years and has since seen several changes in credits and script. Here’s hoping the Deols make the best of it and are not plagued by more ill-luck.

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