rajesh puri

Rajesh Puri. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Actor-director Rajesh Puri is the face everyone recalls as the most adorable and affable father on television and is arguably one of the finest actors on the small screen. Puri, who currently essays the role of Mannbahadur Singh on &TV’s devotional show “Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein” recently revealed his disappointment on the kind of roles he has played on the big screen.

Puri’s journey has taken him through the chaotic, vivid scenes of theater and acting classes in National School of Drama (NSD) to Mumbai from a rooted middle-class Delhi background.

The defining moments of Puri’s career was his breakthrough performance in “Hum Log” as Lallu, which brought him success. The actor has been a part of over 500 plays and 130 films. The actor believes theatre gave him the intensity to live his roles, which is why it remains his first love. Yet he feels that his work on the silver screen hasn’t been quite fulfilling as an actor.

He said, “I think it is deeply problematic for an artiste when his talent is not used as much as it should be. I’ve done over 130 films and still haven’t found a role that fits my caliber.” 

“While I don’t condone any of my work on the big screen, I honestly feel I can truly do much more complicated and varied roles, and my work in theater is testimony to that. It doesn’t even matter if the role of my character is merely for 15 minutes, my character should be able to move the audience in an inexplicable way.”

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