MUMBAI — As one of the most versatile young actors in India with a National award to show for it, Rajkummar Rao leads a pretty busy life. And after going through a hectic day of film shoots, promotions and hosting popular award shows, he obviously can’t wait to rush back home.

In the episode of “Asian Paints Where The Heart Is” Season 4, Rajkummar Rao takes us down memory lane and tells us what attracted him to his house as he goes on an exclusive tour of his home with his beloved dog Gaga.

Having grown up in Gurgaon, Rao has been living his dream in the city of dreams for the past 11 years. And after living in four different houses, he was instantly attracted to and connected to the energy this house exuded. He says there was tremendous hard work needed to earn this beautiful house, which was made with a lot of love and patience. He cherishes coming home at the end of the day and feeling completely at peace, as the house brings a sense of calm in the otherwise frenzied lifestyle of the actor.

As a self-confessed homebody, the gorgeous split-level house is where Rao entertains guests, has parties and work meetings hosted on the upper level and the lower is dedicated to a private living space. This is a far cry from living in a joint family with 16 people in Gurgaon, then sharing a small flat with friends and sleeping on the floor when he first moved to Mumbai.

Rao has always lived in homes surrounded by a lot of people and had precious little space for himself. But he would always look back fondly as they have very special career milestones attached to it, like signing his first film and receiving his first National award.

The sentence “Never forget why you started” is etched artfully on a door and is a constant reminder for the reason Rajkummar became an actor: the genuine love for his craft. The trophies won over the years are displayed proudly and are a tangible testament of his dedication to his work and the love and respect he has garnered because of it.

Step inside the stunning home of the talented actor in the sixth episode of “Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 4.”

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