Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon poses for pictures on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival at her home in Mumbai on Aug. 3. - The Raksha Bandhan festival is marked by a ceremony in which sisters tie sacred threads known as 'rakhi' on their brothers' wrists as a prayer for their prosperity and happiness. (Sujit Jaiswal/AFP via Getty Images)

MUMBAI — ZEE TV actors, in a media release, have spoken on what the festival of Rakshabandhan, which will be celebrated Aug. 3, means to them.

Mugdha Chapekar (“Kumkum Bhagya”):

“This year I haven’t planned anything yet for Rakshabandhan due to the unique scenario that we are in right now. If I get a holiday from shoot, I might go home or else we’ll do a virtual celebration. But I never miss celebrating Rakshabandhan as it is very special for me. My brother Aditya is younger to me and when we were kids, he used to give me the gifts my parents got for me. But when he got his first salary, he gave me all of the money saying this is my gift to you. I was speechless and so proud of my brother! In fact, he and my cousin brother Omkar make me proud with every achievement of theirs! I’m blessed to have them, and they truly are my pillars of strength. Happy Rakshabandhan to all the brothers and sisters out there!

Karan Jotwani (“Qurbaan Hua”):

“Although I don’t have a sibling, I share an extremely close bond with my cousin sister and the festival of Rakshabandhan holds a major significance in my life primarily due to the relation we share. In comparison to the fun moments we used to have as kids on this day, this year’s was a rather emotional celebration. We decided to celebrate Rakshabandhan almost four days prior because she was leaving to pursue her career in Chennai for a period of three years. As difficult as it was sending her off, we realized that it was the best decision for her and that no distance could really keep us away from each other.”

Ruhi Chaturvedi (“Kundali Bhagya”)

“This year will be considerably different from every year. I won’t be able to go home as I have been shooting outside and don’t want to put my father at risk. I’ll just be meeting my brother below my building as my society is also not allowing any visitors. But it will be special as always. I remember I was shooting in Udaipur once and, without any heads-up, my brother came and surprised me just so that we can be together on Rakshabandhan. I just want to tell him that no matter how much I fight with him, he will always be my fave person in the whole world.”

Manit Joura (“Kundali Bhagya”):

“This year, it won’t be possible for me to visit my sister in Delhi for Rakshabandhan as I have been shooting outside of home and I don’t want to put anyone at risk. Also, I don’t have ample of amount of time to quarantine myself in Delhi as well as Mumbai after returning. So it will be a virtual celebration for me and my sister. But having said that, I know my sister will be planning something. She knows exactly what I like and how to surprise me, so I am looking forward to that. I am also planning to surprise her with a special gift. In fact, I remember in 2007, the first Rakhi after her marriage, she was in Delhi and I had just shifted to Mumbai. She felt that I wouldn’t be able to make it for Rakshabandhan and I was also actually very caught up. But as soon as I got her a Rakhi two days prior to Rakshabandhan, I packed my bags and flew in to surprise her and she started crying after seeing me. This year, I will surely make it special for her and I just want to tell her that no matter what happens, I’ll always be there for her.”

Eisha Singh (“Ishq Subhan Allah”)”

“Originally I was planning to celebrate with my brother at home in Bhopal, but with my return to “Ishq Subhan Aallah,” I suddenly had to come to Mumbai. So, this time it will be a virtual Rakshabandhan where I will tie my brother a Rakhi on video call from here and there my father will tie it on his hand over there. Ii must say he always cheers me up no matter how sad I am, and he always lifts up my mood. In this lockdown we spent a good amount of time painting together, and although he is six years younger to me, he is really mature for his age. He understands and supports me and encourages my work. Sometimes, when I have a very tiring day, he gives me nice foot massages. I must say we love each other as much as we fight with each other and he is the most special person in my life.”

Sanjay Gagnani (“Kundali Bhagya”):

“Every year rakhi has been a special occasion for me, because we follow this ritual of getting ready in the morning, playing rakhi songs in the background and getting rakhis tied on my hand. I don’t have a real sister, but my lovely cousin sisters and my aunts don’t make me feel left out. Every year I take a pledge to protect them from any obstacle in life and we celebrate it with equal love every year. Though this year we might have a different kind of celebration, but I am sure we will enjoy the festival as always. Prior to the special day, I would actually like to tell all my siblings that not just on Rakshabandhan, I am there for you for life. You have a brother who will keep you happy and will be there for all your ups and downs in life. This year, I have taken a day off from shoot like always and I will make sure to celebrate it with my family as it makes them really happy when I am there to celebrate the day with them.”

Pratibha Ranta (“Qurbaan Hua”):

“My brother and I have a love-hate relationship: we love each other a lot, but fight that much too. However, he is really, really important to me and with him I am like a kid. Currently, he is in Shimla and I miss him a lot as this is the first time, I will be celebrating Rakhi away from him. Every day he calls and tells me how he misses me and although he is 10 years younger to me, he says things like ‘I will protect you’ and that really makes me feel special. This time I have sent him a rakhi along with a letter and a gift. To be honest, Rakshabandhan to me is not just for a brother, it’s also for my elder sister. In my life, my sister has played the role of an elder brother, she has guided me in every step of my life and so I have sent a gift and a letter for her too.”

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