MUMBAI — Ram Gopal Verma has created a kind of casting coup by roping in for the first time ever real brothers to play reel brothers on their debut. While Ashwat Kanth plays the captivating role of Dawood Ibrahim, his brother Rudr Kanth will play the equally gravitating role of Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar.

Actor Ashwat Kanth has managed to stay ahead of times with trends and times by working hard to constantly better his acting credentials. However, this film will become the turning point & corner stone in Rudr Kanth’s promisingly exciting career graph.

Ashwat bagged the role by submitting his audition tape with his method acting. The chalking task of identifying an equally interesting & impressive casting for the role of his on-screen brother took a thrilling turn when Ashwat suggested his brother Rudr’s name for the audition. What followed was multiple rounds of auditions & look & performance tests for his brother with RGV’s and his experienced team & finally everyone came to a consensus that Ashwat and Rudr together on-screen to play real brothers can create great chemistry. The rest is history.

Multiple attempts in the past of similar subjects have been done in bits and pieces but RGV’s “D Company” film touches upon the actual life of Don Dawood Ibrahim & his empire in the minutest detail possible, right from its remotest origin, where did it all actually start from, how he formed the infamous “D Company” and its entire start to finish & ongoing journey.

Says Ashwat, “Apart from the story line, what is most breathtaking & intriguing is that my real brother and I are playing reel brothers on screen. Now while that is rare, the most thrilling part during the entire making of D Company was translating our real life chemistry on the screen but believe you me, with a fantastic mentor like RGV himself at the helm of affairs, it wasn’t so difficult.

Says the legendary film maker Ram Gopal Varma, “ I have myself been involved in making various projects on the underworld subject, but the extent of detailing and research that has gone in creating D Company is unparalleled.” 

“One of the biggest challenge was to identify the most ideal casting to play the lead pair for Don Dawood Ibrahim and his brother Shabbir Ibrahim Kaskar. During the process of identifying & short listing the lead pair casting, I came across the Method Acting audition tapes of Ashwat & genuinely, I loved & literally freaked out on the kind of talent this young actor possesses.” 

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