MUMBAI — Mumbai-based rapper D'Evil released his new song 'Kaancheck,’ and the artiste says he tried to put an 'unbiased' perspective on the real issues of society, keeping the current socio-political situation in mind.

D'Evil has collaborated with rapper DIVINE on "Gully Boy" and several other projects. His new song "Kaancheck" talks of the need for restoration of law and order system in society.

Depicted through the eyes of a firebrand cop, the narrative of the single is woven around the various loopholes prevalent within the administrative system and how chastisement makes the disruptive disciplined.

"I am super pumped for this release. While initially, I wanted to pay a tribute to the real-life law enforcement heroes like Himanshu Roy, Hemant Karkare, and Kiran Bedi with this single, I also wanted to maintain a very unbiased stance keeping in mind the current socio-political fabric.” 

“The single covers every form of offense in a non-preachy fashion -- from corruption, bribery, and scams to terrorism, assault and something as straightforward as spitting on the roads. Imagining a fearless, crime-free society is impossible without having an intrepid duty-bound policing system on one hand and responsible citizens who abide by the rules on the other. The need of the hour is a wake-up call and, being more conscious of our doings," D'Evil said.

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