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Shashi Kapoor (left).

MUMBAI — After rumors circulated about Shashi Kapoor’s illness recently, Rishi Kapoor went on Twitter to stress that his uncle was fine, thank you. In a Mumbai tabloid, Rishi Kapoor, a huge fan of the different Kapoor, recalled a childhood memory of his paternal uncle, being the idol of all three brothers, Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv Kapoor, listening to music from all three!

Rishi Kapoor recollects that his father Raj Kapoor was casting for his new film (“Mera Naam Joker” in all possibility), and the kids were lobbying for their uncle while Raj was thinking of more commercially viable names like Manoj Kumar and Dharmendra.

In those days, Rishi Kapoor, the ‘filmi’ patriarch of “Kapoor and Sons” recollects that Shashi uncle once dropped in unannounced at their Chembur home. He would have promptly left, as Raj Kapoor was not at home, but stayed back because his nephews, all of whom absolutely adored him, made him sit down and listen to their impromptu music performance.

“We sang on the guitars in our warbling voices and thumped on bookcases for percussion!” Rishi Kapoor told the newspaper. And Shashi Kapoor sat through the makeshift ‘concert’ making the kids feel truly appreciated.

Later on, all three had the privilege of working with their uncle onscreen as well. Rishi Kapoor co-starred as his brother in “Duniya Meri Jeb Mein,” his son in “Kabhi Kabhie” and an unrelated person in “Sindoor.” Rishi Kapoor was also the “Doosara Aadmi” of the title in a film in which Shashi Kapoor in a cameo was the ‘pehla’ (first) aadmi.’ He also played the lead in “Ajooba,” produced and directed by Shashi.

Randhir Kapoor worked with Shashi Kapoor in “Heeralaal Pannalaal” and “Sawaal,” while Rajiv Kapoor did “Hum To Chale Pardes.”

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