Rohan Mehra in “Crashh.” (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — In ALTBalaji and ZEE5's “Crashh,” Rahim is one of the estranged siblings, played by the adorable Rohan Mehra. They are orphaned when their parents are killed in a car crash and are later adopted by different families.

Rahim somehow finds himself in a financially struggling family post his adoption. All the setbacks never made Rahim lose sight of his dreams. He relentlessly worked towards them and stayed true to who he was. Unfortunately for him, his plans were too big for the narrow-minded society he was born into, causing him a lot of pain and frustration. He ends up having to be a driver with a strong passion for dance, wishing fate had dealt him a different hand and always wishing he was born into a well to do family.

He feels a connection with his biological siblings every time they cross paths. It's an undeniable connection. Something is drawing them towards each other time and time again. The series follows Rahim and his three biological siblings separated from each other when their parents died in a car crash.

“Loved playing Rahim, I loved the dance element of the role. He is driver by profession and dancer by passion. He has a modest life with larger than life dreams. It is like I had a chance to perform so many different characters through Rahim alone. The show itself is so touching, I just knew that I had to be a part of it no matter what,” said Rohan Mehra. 

The rest of the show's characters are Rishabh, played by Zain Imam, Kajol played by Aditi Sharma, and Alia played by Anushka Sen. Kushal Zaveri directs the series.

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