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Salman Khan gave his own twist to the Bottle Cap Challenge on Twitter July 14. (video screenshot)

MUMBAI — Superstar Salman Khan intended to give a message on water conservation with his Bottle Cap Challenge but that has led to people questioning his religious beliefs.

On July 14, Khan shared his version of the Bottle Cap Challenge, which is about people coming up with inventive ways to unscrew a bottle cap. Instead of kicking the cap, Khan blew off the already-loosened bottle cap and drank the water, ending the video by saying, “Paani bachao (Save Water).”

While fans of the Bollywood superstar lauded his act, there was a part of the video which provoked the ire of a section of people.

Khan starts the video with the gesture of folded hands as if he is praying, then raises his hands for a prayer, and ends it with a Holy Cross gesture.

This was enough for users on social media to question his religious beliefs.

One user wrote: “Salman Khan, are you Muslim or Christian?” Another posted: “Firstly, he did namaste then dua and then cross sign... he just wants (to) say he is a secular Indian and believes in all religions.”

Yet another user wrote: “Which religion do you believe in? Please decide.”

In the past, Khan has maintained that he doesn’t believe in judging people on the basis of where they come from or their religion, and added that he believes in sending out a message – “We all are humans, and should live in harmony.”

Watch the video here:

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