Sanya Malhotra

Actress Sanya Malhotra at an event in Gurugram. She talked about her early life and journey as an actor and also about Delhi, her heartland. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Visiting Delhi, Sanya Malhotra recently talked about how she became an actor and about living the dream at a recent event

Malhotra was recently invited to talk at an event in Gurugram in Delhi. She talked about her early life and journey as an actor and also about Delhi, her heartland.

“To be honest, after coming to Delhi, I feel so good because it’s been ages since I have spent time with my family. And because of this event, I got to do that, so thank you so much for having me here. I was a kid, and we had lived in Japan for two years, and I was home-schooled there by my mom. One day, I asked my mom what she would like me to be. Mom answered that she would want me to become a doctor or an engineer, and I got paranoid! I started thinking that if my mom is praying about this, she should stop right there and I told her that she should pray about me becoming either Ms. Universe or an actor! And now I’m living my dream.”

Malhotra is planning to spend some quality time with her family and loved interacting with her fans at the event, and she also jiggled a leg on-stage with her fans.

After “Dangal” and “Badhaai Ho” as blockbusters, she also shared how shooting with Anurag Basu has been the most delightful experience for her as she has never worked in this pattern for any of her projects till now – she is a part of the ensemble cast of his next.

Recently and incidentally, Malhotra was also listed in the esteemed “Berlinale Breakouts: 5 Talents to Watch.”

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