MUMBAI — Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is often referred to as the romantic hero of Bollywood, believes that the art is important and not the artiste.

“An actor is just like water. He should just adapt to color and shape. I believe the art is important; the artist is not. The art remains and not the artist, and, as an actor, I feel if I think like that, I can work with some amount of purity. The purity will be retained if I believe that my art is more important than myself,” Shah Rukh Khan said at an event to launch his biography, written by “Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye” director Samar Khan.

“Twenty-five years in the film industry was a big dream for a boy who came from Delhi all those years ago. These years have been full of excitement, hard work and various ups and downs, and this book is a tribute to all these filmmakers who believed in me and my dreams. I am extremely thankful to all my fans who have made me who I am today and would like to thank Royal Stag Mega Music, Samar and everybody associated with this book,” he said.

Recalling his initial days, he said: “I was an odd-looking guy. I was not from a film background. I spoke too fast, but I am thankful to all the filmmakers and those friends who gave me an opportunity. So, for me, if a newcomer comes, I have been trained by people like these to respect the newcomer and love them.”

Shah Rukh Khan also revealed that being the star, the choice of roles being offered to him gets limited.

“Sometimes it’s awkward... Today being in this position, the choices are less. I meet many directors, but it goes out of hand sometimes. Despite spending 25 years, I still feel like a newcomer. I find it awkward that I have spent 25 years, but I still feel like a newcomer.”

Titled “25 Years of a Life,” the book captures interesting incidents from King Khan’s successful journey in the industry. Each of its 30 chapters are a director’s take on a particular character created by them and portrayed by SRK.

Samar Khan said: “This book was the perfect chance for me to tell the SRK story from a different lens. I would like to thank everyone involved who has made this dream project a reality.”

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