MUMBAI — Shama Sikander recently shot for a new set of pictures and she looks absolutely stunning. She looks totally like a Hollywood star, taking us back to the era of “Moulin Rouge” and royalty at its best. She wears a golden dress against a golden backdrop and makes a stunning picture. She has worn gloves as well, like the yesteryear Hollywood stars did. The retro looks went really well on Sikander.

Here is what she has got to say, “Well, my look was designed to match some of the best times from Hollywood. We wanted to go Chicago downtown-meets-Moulin Rouge in a retro meltdown. That was the idea behind the shoot, and from the results that I have seen, it seems to have come out well. The photographer has been so good. It’s been an absolute treat. I am sure there is more that we would work on. This shoot was planned for quite some time and I am glad it has materialized well.”

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