Ajay Devgn's movie "Shivaay" is scheduled to hit theaters this Diwali. The just-released trailer gives a good idea about the intense action and adventure theme of the film. (Shivaay/Facebook photo)

Ajay Devgn is a top-tier action hero of Bollywood. With his next film "Shivaay," which he also directed, he is determined to take his action and story-telling skills to another level. Devgn says that he chose to direct "Shivaay," as he felt that only he would be able to tell the story that he wanted to with the film.

At the film's trailer launch, Devgn, asked if he could not trust other directors with the film, said: "It was not that way. I had my own thought process. The story that I wanted to tell, I felt that only I could tell it. That is why I made the film."

"It is a family film. The action is a backdrop, but basically it is an emotional drama where a man is pushed to destroy everything possible, because somebody is trying to destroy him. We had actually read an article which had happened in real life, and we were moved by it, and the film has been made on that thought process. We didn't follow it, but it was an inspiration," he added.

The film revolves around his character, a mountaineer and follows his life story full of twists and turns, highs and lows (quite literally). Devgn is seen hanging from cliffs, surviving massive falls, and going over and under speeding vehicles. He has left no action stone un-turned in this nail-biting thriller.

Mostly shot in and around Bulgaria, the trailer, which has now been viewed almost five million times, is being applauded by his fans and colleagues. Congratulatory notes are pouring in on social media, appreciating his hard work and mind-blowing performance.

At the same time, his romantic and emotional side is also on display in numerous scenes.

Devgn adds: "The character's name is Shivaay, and Shivaay is such a god who has all the elements in a normal human being. If you read about all the other gods, all of them are perfect. Shivaay is innocent, who consumes bhaang and does whatever every person does, makes mistakes, gets fooled and will destroy everything if he gets angry.

"If all these things are present in today's human being, and, if it is used well, how will that be... It is a wholesome entertainer, but, along with that, it has the thought of the characteristics of Shivaay. We search for strength outside, but it is inside us. If we try to find it 'Har har mahedev', every person is Mahadev."

"Shivaay," also starring Sayyeshaa, Erika Kaar, Vir Das, and Girish Karnad, is releasing on Diwali (Oct. 28) this year.

—With inputs from IANS

Watch the "Shivaay" trailer:

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