Varun Dhawan and John Abraham star in “Dishoom.”

MUMBAI —The “Dishoom” trailer is simply one of the most outstanding trailers in recent times, in terms of what a trailer must do — make you want to watch a film and yet not be able to wait for it to come! 

And “Dishoom,” the action caper with a huge chunk of patriotism (is it a reworked version of David Dhawan’s stalled “Hook Ya Crook?” We wonder!), has two more aces than a pack of cards — six of them!

Here are six reasons why “Dishoom” will deliver a knockout punch:

1. Director Rohit Dhawan 

Though his debut film was average, director Rohit Dhawan’s “Desi Boyz” did show his flair for youthful, music-rich entertainers and his unique tweak to the classic definition of mainstream Hindi entertainment. This time, he seems to make colossal strides beyond his first film. From the action, humor and punch lines that he gets from his writers, and the rousing patriotic feel, “Dishoom,” with its very attractive title (it means the sound of a fist punch), seems to be overflowing not just with entertainment but also adrenaline.

2. John Abraham

The hunk went wrong with his last film and is panned every time for being a non-actor, but few have his mix of looks, his hot and fit body, and his charisma. And he is getting better as an actor, with a fan base that is increasing among the girls. He is all business here as the Indian agent — ruthless but romantic too.

3. Varun Dhawan

We have seen Varun Dhawan work with his dad David Dhawan and other top directors of varied hues. We have seen him dark, light and comic, knowing his range. Of his star power, we have little doubt. And the man majorly responsible for turning him into what he is — his brother, Rohit Dhawan — now directs him for the first time. Varun Dhawan will pull in the Yo crowd, and we will see him in Salman Khan-meets-Govinda mode again. But his fans now extend to grandmas and grandpas, and he will pull them in too. Because this film has entertainment, as THEY knew of it, when they were Varun Dhawan’s age!

4. Jacqueline Fernandez

She is the girl who slips into any role and has a modicum of meat in her character this time. Stylish, sophisticated, sexy and smart, she is to the new millennium what Zeenat Aman was to the ‘70s and ‘80s. What’s more, Fernandez has long outgrown the ‘dumb decorative damsel’ image. She counts, even if not in the Deepika Padukone-Priyanka Chopra league.

5. Akshaye Khanna

We just want to watch him — as soon as possible! And few things suit him as well as being a devil onscreen! Khanna provides the exciting quotient of a suave yet ruthless villain in “Dishoom.” And heroes in cinema have always been only as good as the baddies they face and outwit!

6. Pritam

The recharged Pritam works best with stars and directors who have implicit trust in him. After “Desi Boyz,” we again will get those homespun melodies that are trendy yet archetypal Hindi film songs like the released track “Sau Tarah Ke.” And remember, Pritam and Abraham have never yet failed together — check “Dhoom,” “Garam Masala,” “New York” and — again — “Desi Boyz.”

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