MUMBAI — Actress Sonam Kapoor underlined the importance of jewelry as an important investment tool and not just a fashion accessory.

“I feel jewelry is an investment as well. As you know what the gold prices are, since they have become so much now. Jewelry prices always appreciate. So, it’s a great investment since it makes you look beautiful, and the same time also makes me happy,” said Kapoor to a query if she actually buys jewelry considering the fact that as brand ambassadors, celebrities receive jewelry.

Kapoor, the showstopper at the concluding day of the India International Jewelry Week Aug. 7, said she regularly buys a small or big piece every year.

Told by journalists that gold prices were coming down and the precious metal was going at less than Rs. 25,000 per 10 grams, she expressed surprise: “Has it? No yaar, it’s still expensive.”

Kapoor said she feels an event like IIJW has a positive influence over the industry.

“This is our humble attempt for the jewelry industry. I’m very happy that for the past six years, I’ve been the brand ambassador of IIJW and council. I feel a long association with the jewelry industry and the whole team has benefited us both. I have more knowledge about jewelry as an industry now. It’s beneficial for us and for the country to promote jewelry as an industry,” she said.

Known as one of the best-dressed women in Bollywood, Kapoor will now be seen with Salman Khan in “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.”

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