MUMBAI — Known for voicing her opinions on gender issues, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor joined the Ladies’ Wing of the Indian Merchants’ Chamber for its golden jubilee celebrations. Along with Australian swimmer and Olympic medalist Stephanie Rice, Kapoor attended the organization's Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition Aug. 23.

IMC’s Ladies’ Wing is hosting the exhibition from Aug. 23-24 here. It offers a mélange of products that range from lifestyle and fashion to food and more.

In keeping with IMC’s mission to provide relevant platforms for creativity and enterprise for women, the exhibition will have 195 skilled women from across the country who do not have a retail presence showing exclusively designed apparel and bespoke jewelry, lifestyle, personal care, gourmet, home décor products and much more.

The event has always drawn support from celebrities from all walks of life, and Rice is happy to back it.

A proponent of women-related causes, Rice said in a statement: “I have always supported women’s empowerment and every effort that helps to showcase their unique talents, whether it’s an athlete, an entrepreneur or an artist. I am honored to be here at the IMC Ladies’ Wing Women Entrepreneurs’ Exhibition, and support and encourage this noble effort.” 

This year, IMC is focusing on creating specific B2B networking opportunities for the participants — for instance, having time slots for multi-designer store owners to preview participants’ collections before the exhibition opens to the public to set up future business opportunities.

Another focus of the exhibition is “Gen-Next” which aims to promote talent in the group of women who are under 30. 

A mobile app has been specially curated for the exhibition to help guests locate stalls beforehand. 

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