MUMBAI— “Tara’s the only one of us (the three leads of “Student Of The Year 2”) who has gone to college. Tara’s smart, do GK questions with her!” Ananya Panday’s words ring in our ears as Tara enters the room. She is no less than a prodigy, a child VJ and actor on Disney Channel, a trained musician (in the U.K. no less) and a singer-performer on stage.

The Wikipedia will comprehensively show her achievements before her debut film. But as it is slated for release, Sutaria has also completed her second ensemble-cast film, “Marjaavaan,” opposite “Student Of The Year” actor Sidharth Malhotra. And she’s all set for her third film — Sajid Nadiadwala’s next, in which she will be Ahan (Suniel’s son) Shetty’s first heroine. The movie is a remake of the South blockbuster, “RX100,” and its tentative working-title is “Tadap,” Sutaria revealed.

Here’s a rapid-fire chat with Sutaria at the Dharma Productions’ office.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Can we have your view of your unexpected camaraderie with Ananya Panday, when two actresses should never become friends?

A (Laughs) It was on our flight to Mussoorie for the shoot. Being opposites—Ananya’s an extrovert, I am reserved! —we got along like a house on fire. We even played ‘Rapid-Fire’ rounds to get to know about each other. Finally, Punit (Malhotra), our director, had to put cotton-wool in his ears, as we were chatting non-stop! 

Q: So did you intend to always do films?

A: It was not definite that I would do films. I have been in the world of performing arts all my life. After I turned 21, it so happened that Karan Johar asked me if would be interested in doing films. He then told me he was making a sequel to “Student Of The Year.” I was screen-tested with two scenes that I do not think are there any more in the film.

Q: And how did the actual first shot go?

A: It was a love song with Tiger Shroff at St. Theresa’s in Mussoorie. There were some 2,000 fans of Tiger there, screaming out his name, and that gave a really cool vibe. Then I sprained my foot, and Tiger massaged it. That broke the ice and I was glad to find a dancing partner in films as well. He is so chilled-out.

Q: You are the only one from the three leads here who has been to college. Did that give you any advantage or upper hand?

A: I don’t think so. But I do wish MY college had had more of sports, dance and fun!

Q: With you having no film family background, how do you think your career will move?

A: I have been thinking about this, and three films already in one year is not bad! It’s actually such an exciting time for women in films, there is so much else to explore, and women are also producing, writing and directing films. I admire Deepika Padukone, and I connect very much with Priyanka Chopra—she can sing, really dance, she is a traditional Indian beauty and has all our skill-sets and can still wow the West! And both are not from film families.


Q: How much did Karan Johar get involved here, as he also directed the first “Student…” film?

A: Oh, Karan has eyes and ears everywhere! I don’t know he does it, but he knows everything that’s happening and that’s really commendable, because he is doing so many things and is traveling so much as well. For me, he’s a great personal and professional guide whose advice is just great and I can call him at any time!

Q: Do you hope to sing in “Tadap” as we have heard something like that?”

A: I want to, but I have yet not had a chance to meet (producer) Sajid (Nadiadwala)-sir and discuss this.

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