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Filmmakers Sudhir Mishra and Raj Amit Kumar have collaborated to make the film “Brown.” (Anshul Tyagi photo)

MUMBAI — Independent filmmaker Raj Amit Kumar, known for “Unfreedom,” a critically-acclaimed film banned in India and later distributed worldwide by Netflix, has recently got Sudhir Mishra on board as executive producer for his second movie “Brown.” 

“Brown” is a heart-wrenching feature film shot in Butte, Montana, about a quiet immigrant being chased by ICE Agents (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) while trying to make a safe home with a young white orphan girl rescued from abuse. This time Kumar addresses the stereotypes we have about immigrants by giving a personal perspective of a displaced man’s options and choices. In a world where we are constantly told to create walls against outsiders, “Brown” is an intimate film that shows us the human side of the immigration social debate.

Sudhir Mishra, well known for “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi,” “Dharavi” and “Chameli” will play a vital role in getting the due attention from the audience. He motivates and supports independent filmmakers to create independent and experiential content.

Speaking about “Brown,” Raj Amit Kumar adds, “In the current political climate where immigrants are seen as threats, and being stereotyped to be feared as criminals, rapists, child molesters etcetera, it is important to take on the challenge of a more human depiction of the experiences of a contemporary immigrant. Fear is being mobilized politically to garner votes. An assumption has been made that votes can be collected by instilling fear against immigrants and with the promises of “building walls” against them.”

He adds, “For me, “Brown” is an extension of my goals as a filmmaker. It is a story relevant to today’s issues of immigration, drug epidemics and minorities trying to make an honest living. “Brown” is a thought-provoking social criticism meant to make us think about what and why we believe what we believe about the world around us.”

Speaking on his association with the movie, Mishra adds “Raj is one of the very few interesting minds I have met in recent times, and his film “Brown” is very thought-provoking as it highlights the real-time experiences of an immigrant, an outsider, which I believe is important aspect to be showcased via cinema. I also believe one should make a film that stems from within, which will eventually be a great piece of work. Kumar’s “Unfreedom” was banned by the Indian government, but went on to receive notoriety and critical acclaim from critics and festivals around the world. And now “Brown” is his second socially-complicated story that strives to discuss another kind of human issue. Independent filmmaking is very lonely, but I am glad to see directors like Raj and the new generation joining the trend. It just ensures exposure to more exciting cinema.”

Kumar wants to make his films with people who appreciate cinema that take risks and tells important stories in an engaging and engrossing style and thus to get this untold story out into the world, the team of the movie has kick-started a fund-raising campaign that would further help the team with post-production work.

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