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Actress Sunny Leone’s company will now create eco-friendly cosmo-tech products. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Sunny Leone, who is known for springing surprises, has now upped her entrepreneurial game as her company, Suncity Entertainment Private Limited, has partnered with Delhi-based solution-designing company Petonic Infotech, to create Xcentric and launch her own line of Cosmo-tech products.

 Petonic works towards creating sustainable and new innovative solutions to solve real-time problems for the state, market and society. As the solutions created by them also benchmark the products for different brands, they also do a lot of procurements for their clients in the Middle East and in South-East Asia and Africa for different range of products. Being one of the youngest research and development-based companies, they have created multiple new technologies and products.

Talking about the project, Leone said, “I think it is high time we realize our responsibility towards mother Earth, and I am more than happy to contribute in any way possible. I am very excited for Xcentric, because not only am I foraying into a new industry altogether, but this project is going to be environment friendly as well. Xcentric is going to be different than any other existing brand and I am sure it will strike a chord with women all around the world.”

Leone has shown her entrepreneurial side before as she runs her own cosmetics brand, Star-Struck and perfume brand named Lust. She is closely associated with PETA and has made sure that the products are made without harming animals. This unique feature has made her brand reach the global audience. 

There has been a gap in the fashion industry between cosmetics products and people’s lifestyle and technology is a way to add value. There has also been a huge gap between pricing and quality. The company’s range of products will focus both on and will be fit to cater to all classes. The products will be available, both offline and online, soon.

She also recently launched her lingerie brand named Infamous. Her most recent venture is a one-of-its-kind playschool for toddlers named D’Art Fusion, which she has opened along with her husband Daniel Weber. She spent six months researching for this project to make sure it meets her vision of education being fun.

Leone also plans to venture into skincare and hair-care products.

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