Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has launched a crowdfunding page on Ketto for acid attack survivors and said that every survivor deserves a better chance at life. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Sunny Leone needs help to empower acid attack survivors. Speaking during the launch of the crowdfunding page on Ketto, Leone said, “Each and every survivor deserves a better chance at life. No dream is too big and no pain is too little.” Appended below is an appeal from her:

“Hi, my name is Sunny Leone.

“Every year, India witnesses an estimated 1000 reported acid attacks. Make Love Not Scars was registered as an NGO in 2014 to help rehabilitate survivors of acid attacks and campaign for an end to the over-the-counter sale of acid. However, these numbers are highly misleading. The actual extent of the problem is much larger.

“To make a small difference in this fight, this International Women's Day, I pledge to be beside acid-attack survivors and raise funds to support Make Love Not Scars, an incredible organization that rehabilitates acid attack survivors.

“Make Love Not Scars is a registered Indian non-government organization that focuses on the rehabilitation of acid attack survivors from all walks of life. Till date, Make Love Not Scars has rehabilitated over 60 survivors through our rehabilitation center in New Delhi. However, we wish to take our efforts across India and now wish to raise funds to set up a similar rehabilitation center in Mumbai.

“The rehabilitation in Mumbai would help survivors gain access to the best medical, legal and educational facilities as well as provide a safe haven if they come from abusive backgrounds. It would be modeled as a replica of the rehabilitation center in New Delhi and will provide the following help:

1) Safe Accommodation:

Fully functional kitchen and bedrooms

Full-time nurse for post-operative care

A safe haven for abuse survivors who have nowhere else to go

2) Psychological Aid:

Therapeutic dance and Yoga classes

Therapy with professional psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors

3) Vocational and Skill Training:

Classes in English, Mathematics and computers (Our survivors in New Delhi just received brand new DELL laptops!)

4) Small Business Incubator:

Training in how to run, and manage, small businesses in order to gain income (Our New Delhi survivors make candles and design cups for sale!)

5) Collaborations:

Collaborations with the government to end acid sale. In 2015, the Supreme Court of India directed states to uphold the ban on over the counter sale of acid as a result of our campaign #EndAcidSale.

Collaborations with entrepreneurs. Our New Delhi center collaborates with Project Três from Brazil, through which our survivors make and sell recycled necklaces for Carla Maria De Souza, the founder of the project.

Corporations: Our center acts as the headquarters for meeting interested corporate partners who can help us take our cause further. In Delhi, we collaborate with Magneti Marelli.

Media Partners: From being covered by Huffington Post, New York Times, The Times of India, People Magazine, Time Magazine, Daily Mail and other reputed global channels, we ensure that our survivors have a voice and Mumbai is the hub of all media collaboration. The center will act as a point of communication.

“At Make Love Not Scars, we believe that each and every survivor deserves a better chance at life. No dream is too big and no pain, too little. We wish to help each of our survivors to the best of our abilities and urge you to join our mission. Need a little more convincing? Check out our success stories online!

“I am asking all of you to come forward and share & donate to this campaign and make a difference today. To know more about this campaign, there is a link above.”

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