Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh’s new album “Con.Fi.Den.Tial” debuted on the UK iTunes Top Albums Chart at No. 5 within a few hours of its India release. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Punjabi actor-singer Diljit Dosanjh’s new album, “Con.Fi.Den.Tial,” produced by T-Series, created history by debuting on the UK iTunes Top Albums Chart at No. 5 within a few hours of its India release. It is important to note that no Punjabi album has ever debuted on any UK mainstream music chart at such a high position within a few hours of its international release. In fact, within a few hours of its debut on the UK chart, it moved up to No. 4, breezing past Justin Timberlake’s Feb. 2- released “Man of the Woods.”

“Con.Fi.Den.Tial” is currently at the No. 1 position on Indian charts, and No. 2 on the Canadian and New Zealand charts. The album has lyrics by Rav Hanjra, and the music is by Snappy. One of the first songs on the album, “High End,” saw an early solo release Feb. 20 and immediately stormed the charts and earned 14 million views on YouTube. The video, which was shot in Los Angeles, is directed by Ben Griffin, who last year had directed the international chartbuster “Gucci Gang.”

With nine peppy tracks on the album, and all ruling the charts, this has been an experiment for both Dosanjh and Bhushan Kumar of T-Series, who dared to create an entire album at a time when most artists and music labels only create singles. Said Kumar, “Diljit and our company worked together on another album five years ago. We realized then that he is going to be big. So, when he approached us to collaborate on this album, we didn’t hesitate to produce it for him because we believe in him and his music. Plus, he is hugely popular with a massive following, so that helps too!”

Dosanjh added, “I cannot thank Bhushan-ji enough for making this happen and also my loyal fans, who constantly believe in me and love me. I want to do more such albums because I have so much music in me, I cannot restrict it to a single.”

The British editors at iTunes said, “Diljit Dosanjh uses his signature drawl to impressive effect on ‘Con.Fi.Den.Tial,’ a collection of Punjabi mood-setters that takes its cue from pop and streetwise R&B. ‘Raat Di Gedi’ sets the tone with the opening track “High End,” an unabashed love letter from a fanboy to his Instagram superstar sweetie, while an insistent bass line drives the mid-tempo ‘Big Scene.’ The subtle drama in Dosanjh’s vocals is a reminder that this busy actor-singer makes as big an impact behind the microphone as he increasingly does on screen.”

Dosanjh will be in the UK this coming May on a Con.Fi.Den.Tial Tour, with venues already announced, including Wembley. Tickets have already gone on sale.

Some compensation, we guess, for the pathetic “Welcome To New York,” his last Hindi release, which broke new records in dismal caliber and performance!

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