Nushrratt Bharucha on the set of “Ajeeb Daastaans. (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — Shooting each film is a unique experience for actors. But some experiences stand out and are worth remembering. This is exactly what Nushrratt Bharuccha felt shooting for Netflix’s anthology film “Ajeeb Daastaans.” The actor really enjoyed the process and the camaraderie on the sets, making it one of her most cherished experiences.

Playing a completely different character not associated with Bharuccha with so far, she explored a new side to herself and confesses she had a ball doing it. Adding to the fun was her experience of working for the first time with child actor Inayat Verma and director Raj Mehta.

Bharuccha plays a house-help Meenal in Raj Mehta’s segment in the anthology, titled “Khilauna,” alongside Abhishek Banerjee and Inayat Verma; the story highlights her struggle to get a decent life for herself and her sister. The film highlights the intense survival and manipulation instincts of humans as well as the impact that surroundings have on impressionable young minds.

Talking about her experience on the sets, the actress said, “We shot the film just for eight days, but to be extremely honest,  I have not had so much fun shooting any other film that I’ve worked on.” 

“Raj is a genius but is also hilarious, funny and too cool. He is genuinely a really passionate filmmaker, and he truly enjoys the process of directing a film and being on a set. While shooting for a film, there are always those great shots you get or you try to get, but it’s also about enjoying the process—and that’s where this experience stands out for me.”

She adds, “Adding to the fun was Inayat, my partner in crime. I loved every bit of her company and we have had a great camaraderie in real life too. We are still in touch till date and catch up often. I really hope to work with Raj, and of course Inayat again, in the near future. Also, this is very different from my earlier roles, so breaking out of the stereotypes added to the experience.”

The anthology film releases April 16.

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