missing apron

Sous Chef Cyrus Sahukar. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — “The Missing Apron” featuring chef Ananya Banerjee and Sous Chef Cyrus Sahukar premiered June 2 on TLC and TLC HD.

Over the last two months, many of us have been forced to enter the kitchen and don that apron we have barely touched until now. Some people have embraced the challenge wholeheartedly and are chronicling their adventures on social media, while there are still a few others who seem to be finding it difficult to tell apart the ‘karchhi’ from the ‘kadhai.’

To help all those keen to learn easy-to-do recipes, TLC, India’s go-to lifestyle channel, launched an interesting new show titled “The Missing Apron,” wherein Cyrus Sahukar, our very own newly-minted sous chef, will learn virtual easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy cooking tips and some mouth-watering food under renowned chef Ananya Banerjee’s guidance, that too from the comfort of his home.

This new show, supported by Rooh Afza and India Gate, is set to tickle your taste buds. Sahukar said, “It’s been over 60 days home alone for me, without knowing anything about cooking and I have realized that not everyone wants to be a master-chef. Sometimes you just want to get away by a couple of easy-to-cook recipes, and shows like “The Missing Apron” provide access to 3-ingredient recipes to all those who do not like to spend much time on tedious cuisines. I think viewers will relate to this show.”

Banerjee added, “Cooking can seem like a daunting task if one isn’t used to entering the kitchen. However, once you start cooking, you realize that it’s not all that difficult. And sometimes, the simplest of recipes can yield the most delicious results. The idea is to instill confidence in those who worry about not being able to cook. One doesn’t need to be a professional chef to create wonderful meals. A little bit of patience and some creativity can help anyone turn into a good cook.”

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