“Tutak Tutak Tutiya” movie poster

“Tutak Tutak Tutiya” movie poster.

Film: Tutak Tutak Tutiya 

Label: T-Series

Music: Sajid-Wajid, Gurinder Seagal, Raaj Ashoo, Vishal Mishra and Music MG

Lyrics: Irfan Kamal, Danish Sabri, Shabbir Ahmed, Pranav Vatsa, Music MG and Manoj Yadav

The Punjabi overdrive continues.

Sajid-Wajid score a catchy “Chal Maar,” written by Irfan Kamal and sung by Wajid. Their “Suku Suku” (Shivranjani Singh) is, however, not palatable. The lyrics (Danish Sabri) are pretty incoherent too, sample “Mohalle mohalle mein rubaab hai mera / Bada hi naazuk dil sa shabab hai mera / Taaron taaron mein pyara udta sitara / Maaro maaro dekh maar ke taali bajaale suku / Dance like suku suku / Aayi aayi suku suku / Shake like suku suku” — yikes!

Vishal Mishra’s Pranav Vatsa-written “Ranga Re” shows Shreya Ghoshal’s prowess more than anything else. Though melodious despite being clearly inspired by a couple of older tracks, the lyrics do not have any graph. But Ghoshal proves that she can tread Sunidhi Chauhan terrain effortlessly in parts of the song, and her strong vocals once again put up a strong case for playback singers rather than crooners in films.

Mishra’s Arijit Singh number “Chalte Chalte” fails to register unlike its hallmark earlier namesakes (in songs) from “Pakeezah” and the 1976 “Chalte Chalte.” Singh, at best, is humdrum and routine here.

The rest of the songs are purely functional, with obligatory Punjabi mixing with so-called fashionable beats. Of these, “Rail Gaadi” (sung by Navraj Hans, Swati Sharrma and Lil Golu; scored by Gurinder Seagal; and written by Shabbir Ahmed) is bearable — just.

“Tutak Tutak Tutiya” (Malkit Singh, Kanika Kapoor, Sonu Sood) is like a re-creation of the old hit, and is written by Ahmed and composed by Raaj Ashoo, while “Love the Way You Dance” is sung by Jazzy B and Millind Gaba with Sonu Sood. It is “written” and “composed” by someone called Music MG, and we understand why this person wishes to hide his identity!

Rating: 1.5/5

Listen to the "Tutak Tutak Tutiya" audio jukebox:

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