Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan (right) enjoys his fanboy moment at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Varun Dhawan, who is busy shooting for “Coolie No. 1,” rarely takes time off for vacations. The actor recently flew to Abu Dhabi to attend the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) after being invited by the UFC president, Dana White, as a special guest.

“It was such a huge honor for me to attend the event. I hardly take vacations, so these 32 hours were like a small holiday for me,” Dhawan revealed, as he is a huge MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) enthusiast.

The actor had a thrilling time fanboying on the front row as he witnessed Khabib Nurmagomedov defeat Dustin Poirier and continue his streak at the championship.

Dhawan added, “I have been a big fan of MMA since the last few years. While in Abu Dhabi, Dana and I spoke extensively about our love for the combat sport. Dana is a cool guy. He made sure that I got the best seats right next to Khabib’s family. It was such a thrilling night!”

Talking about the future of this sport in India, he said, “I am sure we have many MMA hopefuls in India. The sport demands intense preparation right from childhood. Had I known of the sport in my childhood, I would have trained in it. Dana is keen to have a champion from India.”

Well, the UFC’s loss is Hindi cinema’s gain, we guess!

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