Varun Dhawan at the event announcing him brand ambassador for Philips shaving category at the Palladium Hotel in Mumbai July 14.

MUMBAI — Varun Dhawan is now the first-ever brand ambassador for Philips India’s shaving category with the new Philips AquaTouch razor.

With the intent of  “empowering” the youth to express themselves freely through their personal styles, Philips has created brand new categories in the market including beard trimming, and body grooming for men, depilation for women and many more. It is now leading the change from manual to electric shaving, and to encourage men to adopt Dhawan will play a pivotal role in the brand and product communication across media platforms.

A.D.A. Ratnam, president of personal health for Philips India, said, “Varun Dhawan exemplifies the modern man — suave, confident and well-groomed. Who better than him to endorse the new shavers range that is designed for all the men to get the perfect shave without any nicks and cuts?”

Philips India will continue to focus on its trimming and body grooming business as well with Arjun Kapoor as brand ambassador.

Alia Bhatt, who represents the young woman of today who wants the power to be ready for all occasions at her fingertips, will continue to endorse the beauty appliances range, including haircare and depilation gadgets, for Philips India.

Dhawan was introduced with an event at Mumbai’s Palladium Hotel July 14.

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