Myntra’s first official brand ambassadors, ace cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma are featured in the brand’s newest campaign. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Myntra has announced the launch of “Go Myntra-la-la,” a brand campaign that brings alive the joyful experience of shopping for fashion on the brand’s platform. The campaign kicks off with an ad film starring Myntra’s first official brand ambassadors, ace cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma. The couple represents the young, confident and successful India of today.

The film taps into music as a key element and delivers a musical anthem for Myntra, an acoustic identity that will be an asset for the brand. The tune symbolizes the joy of shopping for fashion on Myntra and the music is adapted from La Vern Baker’s famous song “Tra – la – la.”

The campaign thought was inspired by Myntra’s vision to offer an online shopping experience for fashion that is as enriching and offers an unmatched user experience with hi-tech features that go beyond the act of adding items to a cart, by delivering the joy of discovery, inspiration, experimentation and social experience. The narrative strings together various features and propositions like Visual Search, which allows users to click a picture of any merchandise and search for it on the Myntra platform; category stores like Sneaker Store that allows for relevant category curation; Try & Buy – which enables users to physically try out multiple clothes from the comfort of their homes before making the final purchase; personalized stores for a more involved shopping experience, and finally Myntra Insider – the brand’s loyalty program.

The musical film opens with viewers witnessing Sharma pushing a shopping cart with a man sitting on it, who is none other than Kohli – a quick introduction to the star-cast. It then goes to Sharma, walking in style as she comes next to a fashion billboard. She whips out her smartphone and taps the Myntra icon and scans the floral dress on the billboard. The App throws up the same dress, ready to be shopped.

In the film, however, the editor takes us straight to Sharma continuing her walk with the new dress. The film then cuts to Kohli browsing through various sneaker options to choose from before he settles on his perfect pair. Going back to his wife, she’s now busy trying various options of dresses delivered to her doorstep to choose the one that fits the best. It goes back to Kohli again, who is now at a gaming arcade browsing jackets on the Myntra App, before settling on one and joining his friends for a game of football.

The film goes back to Sharma browsing through lipstick shades and picking a new favorite before she taps on the Myntra Insider icon, and is transported to a place of luxury and royal treatment – an obvious reference to the benefits of being a loyal customer or an insider. The film goes back to the couple enjoying a moment of fun with a shopping cart.

Amar Nagaram, Head, Myntra-Jabong, said, “Myntra has transformed the overall dynamics of the online fashion industry by offering shoppers unmatched experiences. Technology is enabling us to understand consumers and their fashion needs, resulting in the development and implementation of several innovative features and conveniences on our platform, which have been highlighted vividly in this new campaign. Having Virat and Anushka as the faces of this new campaign will enable us to build strong brand salience and establish the joy and convenience of shopping on Myntra.”

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