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Salman Khan hosted a special screening of “Bharat” for people who went through the terrible aftermath of Partition after 1947. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“Bharat” has already set a record of being the highest opener ever for Salman Khan. To make the journey even more special, the superstar hosted a special screening for people who went through the terrible aftermath of Partition after 1947.

The evening screening was held June 12 in special association with an organization, “1947 Partition Archives.” Khan had arranged a special screening for all the families who have experienced the Holocaust, and present at the event were elders up to the age of 85 years. There were seven families, just like in the storyline of the film, who had come to India separately and reunited over some time. The real heroes enjoyed the special screening along with Khan and Katrina Kaif, where a barter of emotional journeys was exchanged.

Khan also shared a few moments on his official Twitter handle and wrote, “Special screening of #Bharat for the real families who experienced the events of 1947 and the partition. Honored to meet all of them! Salute to the real #Bharat families.” At the meet, Khan made sure that he personally heard each of the tales while sharing the emotions that the exchange entailed.

Overwhelmed after the screening, Atu Relwani said, “We are touched by this gesture from Salman. I had tears in my eyes while watching “Bharat,” especially when the train scene happened. I was nine years of age when we traveled from Hyderabad in a train just like that. The story of “Bharat” is touching and real, and Salman made it more special.”

Another family member present at the event, Tarachandani HM expressed, “Salman in “Bharat” reminded us of the vision, commitment and struggles we carried along from one land to the other. To me, the train scene when I had looked for my family back in 1947 brought back all the memories. The movie is par excellence with its storytelling.”

The 1947 Partition Archive is a nonprofit oral history organization in Delhi that collects, preserves and shares firsthand accounts of the Partition of India in 1947. They collate and document histories of the people who have seen those times and emphasize on the need to document. The archives also recently launched a campaign called #ChasingMemories to immortalize the dying oral histories of Partition.

Khan was beaming with pride and expressed gratitude to all the families who have experienced the nightmares of Partition, where the film’s storyline and real experiences found common ground. It has already crossed Rs. 173.85 crore nett in India.

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