Guru Pitbull

Singer Guru Randhawa, seen during a program in New Delhi April 4, has collaborated with rapper Pitbull on a song titled, “Slowly Slowly.” (IANS photo)

MUMBAI – Indian singer Guru Randhawa, who has marked his maiden international collaboration with American rapper Pitbull with “Slowly Slowly,” said that eventually both the artistes felt connected at a human level.

Randhawa met Pitbull a couple of times for the project.

Asked about his best takeaway, he told IANS: “Pitbull is such a team player and he really knows how to take care of people around him. He believes that a song is a result of a good teamwork... I believe in the same. Perhaps that is why initially we connected for music, but eventually we felt connected as people.”

“He is humble, and when he works, there is no air... He is full of joy and very normal. So I wasn’t nervous during the recording, I felt humble,” he added.

The song, “Slowly Slowly,” is shot in Miami, Florida. This is the second time Pitbull is collaborating with an Indian artiste after Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Randhawa said joining creative forces with Pitbull was “great.”

“Our world is different...I am singing a Punjabi dance number with my signature style and Pitbull sir is adding his rapping style. So yes, it is exciting. Earlier, sir had collaborated with Priyanka Chopra but that was an English song. But mine is Punjabi. I am so glad that I am representing my country for the global audience through this song... I am excited, I really am,” he added.

“Pitbull knows about India, he has performed in our country and we have a lot of his fans here,” added the “Lahore” fame singer, who has also sung tracks like “Tu Meri Rani,” “Suit Suit,” “Patola” and “High Rated Gabru.”

Randhawa said one cannot differentiate songs as film and independent (non-film).

“It is only good songs and bad songs. So even if you promote a song with the best of your ability and invest money, it will fade away (if it is bad). And a good song always finds its way to the listeners. Therefore, when people say that independent music needs more promotion, I wonder why,” he said.

Music label T-Series released “Slowly slowly” April 19.

Randhawa, 27, is already dreaming about his next step.

“I would like to do more international collaborations because such creative exchange is exciting... I really want to go international. I wish to collaborate with Bruno Mars. Keeping my finger crossed. This year or maybe by next year, but I want that.”

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