Radhika Apte started the #MyPhobia digital campaign on Twitter to promote her upcoming film “Phobia.”

MUMBAI — Varun Dhawan, Riteish Deshmukh and Anurag Kashyap have revealed their phobias on Twitter in support of Radhika Apte. The makers of the psychological thriller “Phobia,” including protagonist Apte and producers Eros International and Viki Rajani, have come up with an edgy, quirky and innovative digital campaign to promote the movie — while Apte’s character suffers from agoraphobia, the actress challenged her B-town friends to share their phobias.

Many of Apte’s friends are coming out in the open to talk about their phobias and the hashtag given by Apte, #MyPhobia, has been trending on Twitter and social networking sites.

After Apte shared her phobia, writing on her Twitter handle, “So #MyPhobia is weird. It’s the fear of getting into a swimming pool located at the top of a building. What’s yours?” Dhawan replied, “My phobia is the fear of looking down from a great height I feel I mite fall.”

Deshmukh added, “Acrophobia / Petrified of heights #MyPhobia @radhika_apte – still managed to sky dive.

Sharing his phobia, Kashyap tweeted, “@radhika_apte @ErosNow my phobia is of heights.”

Well, well, all these can be called the “heights” of phobias!

“Phobia” focuses on the central character of Mehak (played by Apte), an artist by profession, who is trapped in her house. Produced by Eros International and NextGen Films and directed by Pavan Kirpalani, the film releases May 27.

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