Ali Jacko.

Ali Jacko.

MUMBAI — World champion boxer Ali Jacko is planning a birthday surprise for Salman Khan Dec. 27. Khan’s birthday each year is celebrated with much fanfare and grandeur by his fans and close friends, but this year his friend from the U.K. is all set to go meet him.

A former world lightweight kickboxing champion, Ali Jacko, who is based in the U.K., will fly down to meet the actor and show him his music video. Jacko has recorded and is set to release his first single “Give My Love a Brand New Name” (which has just been uploaded on YouTube) and is anxious and excited for the actor’s response. Jacko met the actor years ago, and they have been good friends since then.

Jacko reveals that Khan has been one of his biggest supporters right from his initial days as a kick boxer. The superstar had even flown to the U.K. to see him win his title.

He says, “Salman is one of the most amazing guys I have ever known and is an equally wonderful human being. Our friendship is beyond all these professional endeavors. So, yes, I hope that he will support me, but not as a favor for a friend. Instead I want him to support me for my talent. I am eager to see how they react to my song. I have never planned to be a singer. Forget karaoke, I have never ever sung even in the bathroom. My family cannot believe that I have sung either. So I took up it as a challenge and immediately hired a vocal trainer. The result is this song.”

Knowing Khan’s penchant for music and scouting new talent in it (Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid-Wajid, Daboo Malik, his son Amaal Mallik, singers Kamaal Khan, Armaan Mallik, Neeraj Shridhar and more), we would not be surprised if he ropes in Jacko’s song for a forthcoming film by devising a situation for it! And maybe Jacko will be the one ending up surprised.

But frankly, other than hearing the song itself, we wonder how much of an unexpected joy this will be for Khan when Jacko is announcing this “surprise” to all and sundry?

Watch Ali Jacko's music video for "Give My Love a Brand New Name":

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