Esha Gupta

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta says whenever she is in the US, people feel that she is a South American. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI—Actress Esha Gupta, who feels Bollywood is going places, says she often gets mistaken for a South American.

Esha Gupta was present at Namaste America, an Indo-American association for art and culture initiative, on Nov. 8 in Mumbai.

Talking about the initiative, she said: "I always talk politically incorrect rather than being politically correct. Now we are living in a war-torn world where people are fighting for land, but it's a really nice thing that India and America are coming together.

"In times where people are talking about building walls, America and India are forming a relationship. It's all about culture and unity, so I am happy that we are building bridges and not building walls, and people who know this... will understand the pun intended. I am happy that India is taking a step forward on that front."

Talking about the Hollywood-Bollywood connection, Gupta said: "Now Indians are also taking their films to America and, after Hollywood, people recognize Bollywood as a popular film industry in the world.

"Whenever I go there, people feel that I am South American, but when I introduce myself as a Bollywood actress, they are amazed. So it's not that only Hollywood is coming to India, but Bollywood is also going places."

Asked about what she likes about the US, she said: "America is great in their food and education. I feel people are really nice and warm, at least those with whom I have interacted."

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