Rani Mukerji

Left to right: Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukerji and Salman Khan on the “Dumdaar Finale” of “Dus Ka Dum.” (Sony TV/Twitter photo)

MUMBAI— The weekend just got too hot to handle with the iconic “Karan Arjun” jodi coming together on one platform. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan came together on the “Dumdaar Finale” of “Dus Ka Dum” this weekend and joining them was Rani Mukerji. With their solid camaraderie and witty sense of humor, the trio were seen disclosing their hearts’ desires and a lot more personal secrets on the show.

Shah Rukh Khan mentioned how his younger son AbRam is like Salman Khan. While the little tot expresses his love for his parents quite often, he does not shy away from saying “I love you too!” to any girl he meets! Taking this conversation forward, Mukerji said, “Salman, I wish you have a daughter! Your daughter will be the prettiest girl. She will be blessed with all your features. We can actually look at a ‘rishta’ for your daughter with AbRam.”

But Khan was quick to add, “We shouldn’t have called Rani on the show. She is at it… She is getting people married, making people plan their children, all on this show. She should be called Shaadi Mukherjee.”

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