Hrithik Roshan

Most of the hit films of actor Hrithik Roshan, who is January born, including his debut film “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai” that made him a superstar overnight were released in January. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—January is a special month for Hrithik Roshan. Here’s why.

• Hrithik Roshan was born Jan. 10, 1974.

• On Jan. 14, 2000, his debut film, father Rakesh Roshan’s “Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai” was released, and he became a superstar. This also emerged as the biggest hit of the year with no film that could match it in the rest of the year.

• On Jan. 21, 2000, Rakesh Roshan was shot at by the underworld. He, however, escaped with injuries and soon recovered. He has since produced six films (and directed three of them). No film has been without Hrithik, though the son only had a cameo in “Krazzy 4” (2008). Since then, Filmkraft Productions has emerged as one of the biggest banners in the country.

• On Jan. 28, 2012, his “Agneepath” was released – it became the first Hindi film to open at Rs 21 crore, and also Roshan’s first film in the 100 crore club. (Hrithik had done a tiny cameo in “Don 2,” which was not a lead).

• His father has officially announced “Krrish 4” this month as a Christmas 2020 release. The announcement was done on Roshan’s 44th birthday this year as a gift for Hrithik fans.

• Hrithik’s maternal grandfather, famous writer-filmmaker J. Om Prakash was also born Jan. 24, 1927. The family celebrated his 92nd (91 complete) birthday this week.

• Roshan’s last film and home production, “Kaabil,” released on Republic Day Jan. 26 last year and was appreciated. It saw Roshan play a visually- challenged young man after he played challenged roles earlier in “Koi…Mil Gaya” and “Guzaarish.”

• Exactly in a year from now, Roshan will release his next film and first biopic, “Super 30,” on the mathematics genius Aaand Kumar.

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