In today's times, marketing and promotions are the key to success. Especially when it comes to movies, the more a film is talked about the higher the chances are it will do good business. Case in point: "Kapoor and Sons" went on to become a record revenue collector in no time thanks to the all-star cast and all the pre-release promotional events. Of course the movie has to be good, but even that's not enough. What is important is that enough hype is created pre-release to draw audiences to the theater.

With the upcoming release of "Ki and Ka," the onus of the success of the film lies squarely on the shoulders of the people promoting the film. The lead actress of "Ki and Ka," Kareena Kapoor Khan, confessed that she appreciates the new generation of film making, but she is upset with the promotional trend that is taking a toll on celebrities.  

"Earlier, people used to get desperate to get one glimpse of their favorite actors, but now celebrities themselves put their bathroom pictures and too many weird pictures on social media," said Khan.

Interestingly, she is one celebrity among all her peers who is surprisingly absent from social media. Though the actress is currently promoting her upcoming R. Balki film, she thinks promotions are stressful and too much to take on, adds IANS.

But despite her views, she is very actively involved with the promotional events of "Ki and Ka." Her lack of social media involvement is made up for by Arjun Kapoor, the male lead in the movie. The actor has been tweeting, posting updates on Facebook and putting pictures up on Instagram regularly to keep fans updated on the movie's going-ons. He recently went to a popular radio station for a promotional interview but got upset with the RJ and ended up slapping him. The video, of course, went viral within minutes of it happening. Turns out the whole episode was part of a publicity stunt and April Fools prank. 

The music of "Ki and Ka" is already super popular and playing at all the parties and clubs. Not just the movie stars but other people from the industry are equally enthusiastic about the release of the film, and many posted pictures of their Ki's and Ka's recently on social media. 

Kapoor's good friend and fellow actor Ranveer Singh was seen at the screening of the movie along with singer Jaz Dhami of "High Heels" fame. While Kapoor was busy hobnobbing with the media, Singh put on an impromptu promotional show for his friend on the sidelines, creating quite a stir on the Internet today. 

From posters and promos to live events and media/fan interaction, the star cast and crew of "Ki and Ka" has covered all their bases to build up enough hype for the movie. Now let's just hope the hype is enough to drag movie-goers to cinema halls and that the film lives up to the hype. Here's wishing all the best and good luck to team "Ki and Ka."

— With inputs from IANS

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